A little Solid Snake as an MMA fighter, just for funzies. I think I’m channeling my inner jorgecor here. Thanks for letting me be inspired by you, buddy!!

Timestamp: 1405125179

I’ve wanted to color this drawing I did at Heroes Con since I got back from the convention, and finally found the time! Had a lot of fun with this, and a big thanks to impkingcomics for helping me play with my coloring process!!

Timestamp: 1404947113

Warming up for Heroes Con! A little bit of Hulk and the Hulkster for the first day of the con.

Come find me and @impkingcomics in Indie Island at table AA1025!!

Timestamp: 1403279686

Hello internet. This weekend, I will be tabling with the amazing impkingcomics at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. If you’re going to be there, stop by and say hey! We’ll be at table AA 1025 in Artists Alley, and I’ll be doing commissions (such as those seen above)! Whoo.

Timestamp: 1403119278

Been a long time coming, but here it is…SLABROCK! Here’s the first half of the concept work for my next project, about disgraced professional wrestler Xavier Slabrock, and his climb back to the top. I’ll be working on pages soon, with the help of a very talented writer, so expect some fun things this summer…

Timestamp: 1402945370

The concept art for “Slabrock” is very near done! The final project will be posted this coming week!

Timestamp: 1401031897

Some previews of my backgrounds for “Slabrock”! Both were penciled with the help of Manga Studio’s perspective ruler, and then inked and colored in Photoshop. Full scenes to come…

Timestamp: 1399995102


I’m excited to finally share what I’ve been working on these past couple months!

HORIZON is a 144-page collection of fantasy comics by fifteen artists exploring what happens after the hero has won…

What do you do when there’s nothing left to fight for?

This book is stuffed with killer art by some really cool peeps, and now open for backers on Kickstarter until June 4, 2014! We’ve got a bunch of sketch cards, sketchbooks, original commissions, and minicomics bundled into several reward tiers, so don’t miss your chance for EXCLUSIVE art!


Morgan Beem, molibi

Athena Currier, actionathena

Jorge Corona, jorgecor

Angael Davis, soulofthestory

Adam Del Re, adamdelre

Jen Hickman, umicorms

Bryant LaMare, kickflipcomix

Jeremy Lawson, impkingcomics

Ian McGinty, ianmcginty

Laura Neubert, rosengeist

Ally Shwed, allyisshort

Nicky Soh, nickysoh

Sarah Stern, worstwizard

David Stoll, inkpirate

It’s going to be an awesome book. Check it out!

Ladies and gents!!! Our stellar “Horizon” Kickstarter has surpassed 60% funding in under a week!! Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped!! And for anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet, go see what all the amazing hub-bub is all about!!!

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