A little snapshot of my pencils for a commission I’ll be inking tomorrow.

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He-Man was one of my absolute favorite cartoons growing up! At first it was because we shared the same name, and then I just couldn’t get enough of all the crazy sci-fi inspired fantasy design. Plus it would be awesome if I could get all buff just by yelling “BY THE POWER OF CASTLE GRAYSKULL!”

Timestamp: 1407428218

A super fun con-sketch from my comic class. Mugen from Samurai Champloo!!! I enjoyed this too much.

Timestamp: 1407364984

Aparently there’s a volleyball anime? Japan is pretty dang cool.

Another class sketch for my summer teaching job.

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In keeping with my Cartoon Network kick, I’ve drawn one of my favorite, Samurai Jack!

The simplicity in both the design and story of this show was beautiful and something to behold, and definitely played a big part in influencing my current taste in TV and comics today.

I’m also really digging jimzub's work on the current Jack comics. They feel so true to the original content, it's just a lot of fun to jump into those and feel like I'm finally getting to see where Jack's story will end!

Timestamp: 1405722818

I’ve wanted to color this drawing I did at Heroes Con since I got back from the convention, and finally found the time! Had a lot of fun with this, and a big thanks to impkingcomics for helping me play with my coloring process!!

Timestamp: 1404947113

Hello internet. This weekend, I will be tabling with the amazing impkingcomics at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. If you’re going to be there, stop by and say hey! We’ll be at table AA 1025 in Artists Alley, and I’ll be doing commissions (such as those seen above)! Whoo.

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Some previews of my backgrounds for “Slabrock”! Both were penciled with the help of Manga Studio’s perspective ruler, and then inked and colored in Photoshop. Full scenes to come…

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I’m excited to finally share what I’ve been working on these past couple months!

HORIZON is a 144-page collection of fantasy comics by fifteen artists exploring what happens after the hero has won…

What do you do when there’s nothing left to fight for?

This book is stuffed with killer art by some really cool peeps, and now open for backers on Kickstarter until June 4, 2014! We’ve got a bunch of sketch cards, sketchbooks, original commissions, and minicomics bundled into several reward tiers, so don’t miss your chance for EXCLUSIVE art!


Morgan Beem, molibi

Athena Currier, actionathena

Jorge Corona, jorgecor

Angael Davis, soulofthestory

Adam Del Re, adamdelre

Jen Hickman, umicorms

Bryant LaMare, kickflipcomix

Jeremy Lawson, impkingcomics

Ian McGinty, ianmcginty

Laura Neubert, rosengeist

Ally Shwed, allyisshort

Nicky Soh, nickysoh

Sarah Stern, worstwizard

David Stoll, inkpirate

It’s going to be an awesome book. Check it out!

Hello all! It’s been a long time coming, but Horizon is finally here! A lot of time, effort, super talented people besides me, and some gentle from our editor Jeremy Lawson (impkingcomics), have gone into making this full color comic anthology of awesome! The last step is Kickstarter!! Check it out if you’re interested in the origins of Bearded Skelton, or just friggen awesome comics!!!
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For our concept class we had to do a master study, attempting to copy the work of an artist as closely as possible, in an attempt to learn from the artist. I chose a panel from Agito Cosmos, by artist fabien-mense.

I’ve been a big fan of his work for a long time now (thanks to impkingcomicswho introduced me to him!), and since coloring my art has always been my weak point, I decided to really try to learn how he colors. It was deceptively simple looking, using just a small selections of colors, with some cleverly placed multiply brush and highlights. It was really smart coloring, and I’m really happy that I got the opportunity to do this! I may even do it again, if I ever get the time, haha.

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At it again boys? Who or what could be so important?

More inks for Bearded Skelton, Issue 5!

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