Yee-haw!!! Having loads of fun inking cowboys riding toads!

Timestamp: 1361509098

Well hello Mr. Bear. A redo of yesterday’s page, for an upcoming 8 page anthology. Stay tuned!

Timestamp: 1361434767

Inking bears with my new kuretake brush pen, and loving it!

Timestamp: 1361334553

A fixed page 3 for that sorry where cowboys ride giant cold blooded animals!

Timestamp: 1359512929

Rough pencils for page 3 of that age old story were two bandits steal a wagon of chocolate milk and then the sheriff rides his giant toad to stop them. Classic.

Timestamp: 1359436925

Page 2 pencils of cowboys riding lizards and snakes

Timestamp: 1359237418

Rough digital pencils of page 4 of a mini comic where a man riding a bear hunts an anthropomorphic phoenix.

Timestamp: 1358810429

A quick character sketch for a class project this quarter. I think I may have him ride a giant toad.

Timestamp: 1357769753

Some thumbs for a new project call “Oldtimer” I’m working on with a buddy of mine, Zack Rosenberg.

Timestamp: 1354944612